Joint Manipulative Therapy, commonly known as an adjustment, is used to reduce nerve and joint irritation. This increases joint mobility and reduces muscular tension. This procedure helps restore proper joint and muscle function and reduces your pain. Rehabilitation and Exercise are part of our active approach to promoting healing. As your pain decreases and healing begins, it is important that you become an active part of the team. Our staff provides individualized instruction in exercises that improve your agility, balance and coordination. Stretching and strengthening of the muscles and aerobic activities are also addressed. Soft Tissue Therapies are provided by massage therapists who have advanced training in a variety of soft tissue techniques including trigger point therapy and specialized stretching techniques. All soft tissue therapy is done as directed by our doctors. Heat, ice, muscle stimulation and/or ultrasound may be utilized when needed to help you heal.

It is our #1 goal to help our patients to return to optimum health and well-being as soon as possible. We provide individualized care to keep you active and healthy. Our staff is highly skilled in working with your insurance company, your attorney, or you to optimize payment for our services.

Understanding the Three Phases of Care at Universal Chiropractic & Functional Rehabilitation

Acute/Relief Phase:
 The initial phase of treatment is designed to reduce your symptoms such as pain, inflammation and limited ranges of motion and to promote healing as soon as possible.

Restoration/Rehabilitation Phase:
 During this phase of care, the goal is to restore your normal joint function. Therapies such as joint manipulation, tissue mobilization, heat, cold, muscle stimulation and mild exercises are prescribed to optimize your healing.

Recovery/Monitoring Phase: This phase is focused on promoting and maintaining normal nerve, joint and muscle function. Agility, balance and coordination are emphasized. Rehabilitation intensifies and you learn how to prevent future complications of your injuries and how to avoid new injuries.

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