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Reflex locomotion (RL) is a cutting-edge therapy that improves patients’ responses to treatment and rehabilitative exercises. Dr. Brett has participated in extensive training in Europe over the past five years to integrate this extremely effective therapy into his chiropractic-rehabilitation practice. Traditional chiropractors use adjustment as their only tool in addressing nerve interference and disease. In contrast, Dr. Brett offers a comprehensive treatment process that integrates RL with joint manipulation/mobilization, soft-tissue therapy (massage), and physical rehabilitation exercises. This combination comprehensively addresses patients’ musculo-skeletal challenges and increases the likelihood of long-term treatment success.

What is reflex locomotion treatment?

Reflex locomotion treatment is based on reflexive (unconscious) responses to specific body stimulations. A pediatric neurologist originally developed RL after observing critical reflexive responses throughout people’s bodies. RL facilitates automatic control of the body’s position and active support of joints and extremities. It also stimulates coordinated muscle activity. RL is based on “global patterns”, which are muscle activities that occur in all forms of human locomotion. During RL, these global patterns result in specific motor responses that activate the skeletal-muscular system, affecting the central nervous system at all of its levels. In addition, the treatment affects muscles used in facial expressions, eye movements, swallowing, bladder and bowel function, and breathing. Using RL, Dr. Brett applies graded pressure to particular body parts, called “zones”, while the patient is in specific positions. These positions derive from human movement, such as grasping, rolling, creeping, crawling, and walking. Proper positioning occurs naturally as part of normal human development, but may be hindered by neurological, muscular, or skeletal problems, or by trauma or repeated stress.

Who should be treated?

Because global patterns are universal, RL can be used to assist with the motor rehabilitation in people of all ages, from babies through adults. Dr. Brett uses RL to address un-responsive or stubborn components of common postural problems, such as faulty breathing patterns, balance control, altered sensory information, weak abdominal muscle activation, and adverse muscle tightness. Similarly, he uses RL with athletes and injured workers to improve general relaxation responses of tight muscles and activate weak muscles throughout the body. In addition, Dr. Brett has successfully used RL with patients who have severe postural problems, stemming from a traumatic birth, faulty neuro‑development, over-use injuries, aging, trauma, or deconditioning syndrome.

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